Pre-School – 3 to 5 years

At our pre-school, we strive to nurture well-rounded child development through diverse activities, fostering social, physical, and cognitive growth.

Our aim is to promote the all round development of the children in our care by providing a wide range of activities. Through these activities the children are learning to develop socially, physical, emotionally and linguistically.


We aim to help the children to learn socially by encouraging them to interact positively with both their carers and also the other children around them during play. This is achieved by encouraging them to take part in lots of learning group activities in a positive way such as meal times, drink times, stories & singing, messy play and music and movement activities.


We aim to promote physical development by providing lots of gross motor activities such as pushing, pulling, jumping and skipping games during the day.
This helps to develop large muscle movement and good balance skills.

Fine motor skills are developed through activities such as threading, drawing, painting & dressing during play.


We aim to encourage language development by providing activities that promote the children to use their language and speech skills to their advantage.

Visual aids, stories, posters and singing all give children the incentive to discuss and develop new words and speech skills during play. We will aim to introduce lots of new and exciting ideas and language so that the children are able to stretch their imagination skills at the same time.

During group activity times the children are all given the opportunity to voice their views individually to everyone else, with of course the need for turn taking skills being encouraged. This helps to give the children a feeling of importance and also develops quality interaction within a group.


We aim to promote this by encouraging memory and thinking skills during ploy. We introduce number, shape, colour and alphabet work through work sheets and flash cards and this gives the children the opportunity to progress and develop further.


We aim to develop the children emotionally by encouraging them to act out their choice of expression through play and also help them to show affection freely towards their peers and adults. We also promote and encourage consideration towards others during play.

We will continually provide a variety of activities to help the children in our care within the nursery to develop further in all areas of learning.


We aim to promote this by helping the children to use their gross motor skills both in the garden and inside the nursery.

We achieve this by encouraging the children to climb the climbing frame and also the slide unaided or with little assistance.

The cars and bikes are available during outdoor play to promote muscle strength and the children ore encouraged to run, hop, skip and jump using hoops, balls, beanbag and cones as they help to develop good balance and co-ordination skills.

We also help them to climb and jump through tunnels and also to move their bodies to music and movement and throw, catch and kick balls.

Without fail the children are also encouraged to develop their fine manipulative skills by using a pencil/crayons, playing with cars and trains and building tall towers using small blocks and bricks.


This is encouraged by the constant action of sitting together in a group at meal times and for drinks. buring this time the children take it in turns to give out the toast, which encourages good social interaction skills.

All children are encouraged to share toys and tà play together nicely. We hold group activity times where we all sit together and play games, talk and listen and sing songs/read stories.

These will include mathematical and numeric comprehension with the use of work sheets, sorting objects, puzzles, threading and counting blocks.


We aim to encourage this by helping the children to explore their surroundings both inside and outside of the nursery by introducing lots of different themes and topics.

Where possible we will aim to take the children on various outings to the local library, post office or park.

The children are also encouraged to take part in lots of new and exciting activities such as cooking and water & sand play.


This is generally available to children of all ages within the nursery and we like them to express themselves through creative and messy play by experimenting with lots of new and different colours and textures e.g. painting, sticking, collage work and printing.