Toddler – 2 to 3 years

Our aim with toddlers (2-3 years) is to foster holistic development, encompassing emotional, social, intellectual, fine motor, and physical growth through age-appropriate activities in our dedicated toddler room.

Our aim to promote and encourage the children to develop in all areas. This is provided by promoting emotional, social, intellectual fine movements and physical development.

In the room we provide and encourage activities that are suitable for their age group.

At the play time the children have the opportunity to choose which activities they would to play with. We also have structured routine for the children within the room.

To promote physical development activities such as garden play, ball games, large play, push-a-long toys, balls and ball pit and Tunnel etc arranged through the day.

Intellectual development promote through posters, display boards, and other visual through speech, story time and singing encourage the language development.

During the story time and group activities, language skills are developed by introducing words and sounds.

We provide a secure environment within the rooms and ensure the children are happy content with their surroundings.

Children receive same love and care from each staff member within the nursery as much they get from their parents.

Childs creativity developed through painting, colouring and sticking while encouraging motor skills.

The pincer grasps and hand-eye coordination skills developed through the activities such as wooden bricks, stickle bricks, mega blocks and other construction toys.

Social skills are developed through allowing children to interact with all the children in nursery in different age groups. They will play together, have meals together and participate in circle time.

It is also the aim to develop a good bond between child and the staff members within room and throughout the nursery.

The daily routine of each room is constructed to facilitate to develop above skills. Overall we provide a secure, loving and safe environment within the room.