At Dee’s day nursery our aim is to provide finest quality of care for our children in a homely, safe, loving and stimulating environment to develop them physically, socially and emotionally.

We provide the highest standards of childcare during the child’s pre-school years. The welcoming nature of our nursery offer parents/guardians the opportunity of becoming fully involved in life at the nurseries, working together towards the desirable outcomes of their children’s learning.

Every parent needs to feel reassured that their child is being cared for, listened to and appreciated as an individual in a safe, caring and stimulating environment. Our qualified and dedicated staffs provide this atmosphere based on a programme of social, creative and educational activities. All activities are designed, using some Montessori methods, to encourage the children to absorb knowledge through their inquiring minds and freedom to explore.

A young child’s experiences can be enriched by surroundings where he or she can handle materials and equipment that convey basic educational information. An environment is created to develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills. We achieve this by having small group sizes which enable children to receive individual attention and develop their own pace to reach their full potential.

Pre-school education enhances the quality of childhood and understanding of later life, but must be fun and meaningful for the child.

We aim to generate security, trust and independence in our children as a foundation for life so that they may feel comfortable in any given situation and are ready to move on to primary education with confidence.