Parent Testimonials

Here are some of the parents comments on our service:

Francesca feels very much at home at the Dee’s Day and enjoys her time there! The team is always happy to take on board comments and have the best interest of the children at heart”

“My son Henry has been coming to Dees for over two years now since he was five months old, firstly on a full-time basis and part-time since the birth of my second son, Hugo a year ago. Hugo has also come to Dees on a part-time basis since he was eight months old. Both boys love coming to nursery and I cannot praise the staff enough.”

And a lot more reviews as well ...

“Their two main strengths in my opinion are: A genuine fondness for children – lots of one on one contact, cuddles, getting down on the floor and interacting with the children and talking to them as little people. An awesome ability to maintain energy levels throughout the day so that the children are occupied, happy and cared for in a consistent way.”

“The range of activities is comprehensive but not inflexible – if its a sunny day indoor activities are put on hold to allow more garden play and even visits to the park. Last week a fire engine was parked outside the nursery and quick thinking staff filed the children out so they could see it up close just like you would do if you were at home.”

“My two and a half year old has been able to count to 20 for nearly a year now. He knows colours and shapes, where he lives and how numerous animals move and live. My one year old loves the stimulation of different toys and the opportunities to explore presented not only by staff at Dees but through interaction with other children.”

Following were collated from the website –

“Shelley and her team have played an integral part in the first years of all my children’s lives and development and it has been a successful, rewarding and very happy experience for us all.”

“My daughter has been going to Deeʼs for six months and she absolutely loves it. This was the first nursery we saw and the only one which stood out as exceptional. Shelly and the team are friendly and professional and really care about the children.”