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Terms & Conditions / General Information

  1. Dee’s Day Nursery has an “Open Door” policy Parents/Guardians are welcome to visit the nursery at any time.
  2. We are an equal opportunity provider. Registrations are accepted regardless of race, religion, colour, sex and national origin.
  3. All children must attend a minimum of two full days per week. Ad-hoc days/half days are offered subject to availability.
  4. Days that are reserved and not used cannot be reallocated to other days.
  5. The Nursery must be notified of allergies, dietary requirements or any changes in home circumstances which may affect the child. For ex: parents away from home bereavement in the family etc. This would be treated in the strictest confidence.
  6. Parents must notify the nursery if a child is going to be absent due to sickness or on holiday.
  7. The nursery must be notified immediately of any changes to daily contact numbers, emergency contact numbers, address etc.,
  8. Parents must read and understand the accidents, sickness and medicine procedures.
  9. The nursery provides regular reports on the child’s progress. A Newsletter with nursery news and information is circulated.
  10. We have parent’s evening when you can discuss your child’s progress with staff.
  11. Complaints if any must be brought to the attention of the Manager/Deputy. If necessary please ask for a complaints procedure form. The manager and the staff member responsible for your child will deal with your compliant.
  12. Parent’s of children attending the nursery on a regular basis will be required to pay fees by standing order. All fees must be paid by the first week of each month.
  13. The deposit of £250/- is only refundable when the child leaves the nursery, having given two full calendar months prior notice in writing, and also the nursery charges £30/- registration  fees and this is not refundable, it is for the administration charges to put your child to the waiting list.
  14. The deposit of £250/- is non-refundable if you decide to withdraw the place before the child starts the nursery.
  15. A lateness fee of £20/- is charged for the first 10 minutes and £5.00 for every five minutes thereafter. This charge goes to the staff members who have stayed behind to care for your child.
  16. Nursery fees are reviewed annually.
  17. If a parent employs a member of staff within 6 months of the staff leaving Dee’s Day Nursery the parent undertakes to pay recruitment fee 20% of the staff’s gross salary to Dee’s Day Nursery prior to their departure from the Nursery.
  18. Notice period – reduction in the child’s attendance can only occur on the last day of the month a minimum of 1 calendar month’s notice in writing. In the event of the child leaving the nursery it is a period of two full calendar month’s in writing.
  19. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate siblings, their places cannot be guaranteed. Offers will be subject to availability.
  20. The nursery reserves the right under exceptional circumstances to request a child to be moved from the nursery at any time.
  21. When collecting your child from nursery, parent’s should check and ensure all of the child’s belongings, including bottles, shoes etc., are collected too. Parent’s must label all children’s belongings. We cannot take responsibility for loss or damaged property or clothing.
  22. Parent’s must not park in or across the drive. In the event of emergency, the staff needs access in and out of the drive at all times.
  23. The nursery closed over the Christmas period and all public and bank holidays.
  24. The above terms and conditions are subject to revision at any time.