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Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to Dees Day Nursery (Wim) and thank you for choosing us to care for your child, we know that your whole family will enjoy their time with us and have lots of fun.

Learning and Development

We offer a balanced curriculum which meets the national requirements for children under five. However, our methods of teaching and learning are such that children learn through everything they do, without even realising they are having their first experience of education. They become scientists as they hunt for bugs in the garden and explore the properties of materials such as corn flour and mud; developing mathematicians discover numbers as they sing counting songs, sort and match toys at tidy up time, and work out how many plates, knives and forks are needed at lunch time; and children who have fun listening to and sharing books and stories grow into early readers and writers.

Our learning through ethos extends outside too – as we offer carefully throughout garden space and encourage physical development and a healthy lifestyle through sports activities, music and dance sessions and plenty of fresh air. It really is loads of fun (and Educational) to be at Dees Day Nursery.

Opening Hours and Terms & Conditions

Our nursery is open from 8.00am until 6.00pm, 51 weeks per year. We are closed on Bank Holidays and close by 2.00pm on Christmas Eve. Please note that a late fee will be charged if child is not collected by the end of their session. The amount you pay will depend on the time of arrival.

We register children from 3 months – 5 Years of age

Fees are payable for the attendance pattern you have booked and are not waived for any absences including sickness and holidays. We understand the needs of working parents and families may change, we are happy to offer extra attendance sessions if spaces are available. However, sessions cannot be swapped or exchanged and a minimum of 2 calendar months’ notice is required to increase, reduce or terminate your child’s attendance pattern. This includes deciding for any reason that you will not take up the offered place once you have accepted our terms and conditions by paying your deposit. Should you wish to delay your child’s start at nursery after initially accepting a place, we can only do so up to a maximum of 2 weeks. Any longer than this and you will forfeit your deposit and be put back to the waiting list for a space at your new required start date. The deposit of £250 is only refundable when you have provided Dees with a two calendar month notice.

Fees and Vouchers towards education are to be paid before or on the 5th of each month, the first month’s fees must be paid before your start date.

Please note two calendar months’ notice for termination is essential, if for any reason you would like to leave the nursery with effective immediate notice, the two full months fees are still payable to the nursery.

If for any reason a child is not collected by 7pm and management is unable to contact anyone on the emergency collection list, the nursery has a duty of care to relinquish the child into the care of the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSBC) who will take responsibility for your child until someone with parental responsibility can be contacted.

Nursery Security

Children’s safety and security is given the highest priority with Dees Day Nursery (Wim), our setting has a secured gate which is monitored by cctv and staff at all times, we ask you as parents to work in partnership with us and ensure when leaving our premises the gate is closed securely behind you.

Only people named on your child’s registration form will be allowed to collect, unless parents let us know in advance and give a description of who is coming along with the collection password and preferably a picture sent by email of the collector.

Health and Well Being

Being in any nursery – but especially Dees Day Nursery provides a lot of benefits to children, however there are a couple of things for parents to be aware of which may not at first seem beneficial.

Once children start to mix in groups outside of their familial environment, they are exposed to the normal cough, colds and illnesses associated with childhood. This can range from an upset tummy, to chicken pox and hand foot and mouth disease.

Children who are unwell really do not benefit from being in nursery they need 1:1 care, all of their favourite comfort toys and routines, which is extremely difficult for a nursery to provide, to help them get better quickly. In addition the nursery needs to minimise the spread of any infections quickly and effectively so that all our children and families experience as little disruption to their usual health and well-being as possible. Therefore we have quite clear and strict exclusion periods which ensure your child is cared for at home by the people he/she needs most whilst feeling ill.

Our regulatory requirements (set by OFSTED) state that we should only administer medicine which has been prescribed by a GP, Pharmacist or Dentist. Prescribed medication should therefore be brought into nursery with the prescription label still attached, either to the bottle or the box, and ensure that

Our regulatory requirements (set by OFSTED) state that we should only administer medicine which has been prescribed by a GP, Pharmacist or Dentist. Prescribed medication should therefore be brought into nursery with the prescription label still attached, either to the bottle or the box, and staff will complete a Medical form which you sign and give authorisation for our staff to give the medication to your child.

Please ensure that clear instructions are given to the staff about medication, we only administer calpol to children if they are running a high temperature and parents are unable to arrive at the setting shortly. If the temperature does not come down, parents will have to make arrangements to collect their child.

If your child has vomiting or diarrhoea the exclusion period is 48 hours as per the health and illness guidelines which schools and nurseries are required to follow. Children who are prescribed antibiotics must remain at home for 48 hours after taking the medication, this is to minimise the risk of infection to others and in case a child has an allergic reaction to the medication.

Mobile Phone, Social Media & Confidentiality

Taking photographs and other images of the children in our care forms part of our developmental record keeping system and supports us in sharing with you the fun and exciting things your children get up to when with us. However, because of the risk of misuse, however slight, we are extremely vigilant in ensuring no images are circulated outside the nursery. No image will be used for promotional purposes or on our website without your express permission.

Mobile phones are not permitted to be used within the setting, Staff and visitors are required to leave their phones in their lockers or in the office before entering the areas where children are present. If parents are using their phones and are on a call we advise them to finish the call before entering the setting, visitors are never left unsupervised in the building, and staff will challenge anyone who they find is not adhering to the no mobile phone policy, safeguarding children is our utmost priority.

Children and family details are locked away in a locked filing cabinet and are only accessed by senior members of the management team. Part of our staff conduct is they never discuss any nursery matters out of the setting.

We at Dees hold no responsibility on any lost toys/broken toys or any equipment which is stored outside of the nursery.

Safer Recruitment Procedures

At Dees Day Nursery we have a rigorous safer recruitment procedure which all staff have undergone to ensure their suitability to work with children. This includes obtaining an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before they are left unsupervised with children, and checking previous employment history and references thoroughly.

Whistle Blowing Policy

It is our intension that staff working at Dees Day Nursery understands their responsibilities and feel confident about coming forward and reporting any issues/concerns that they may have, in particular any concerns they have about the safety and wellbeing of the children in their care. In order to support this, Dees Day Nursery provides clear avenues for staff to raise concerns and receive feedback on any actions taken. In addition if our members of staff are not satisfied with the response they receive, they have access to information on how to pursue their concerns without fear of reprisals if they have made disclosure in good faith.

At Dees Day Nursery we strive to always provide the highest quality experience for you and your child, and if ever we fail to meet your expectations we welcome the opportunity to hear your feedback and have the opportunity to address you queries and concerns.

Our experience shows that most problems can be resolved in an informal way with your child’s key person or the nursery manager.

Should your complaint be regarding an aspect of Dees Day Nurseries childcare, whilst we would encourage you to work with us directly in resolving any issues, parents may approach OFSTED directly at any stage of their concern. Ofsted contact details are set out below.

Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD
Ofsted Tel: 03001231231

Dees Day Nursery
2 Mansel Road,
SW19 4AA

Tel: 020 8944 0284